Fitting Process

Fitting Process

Step-by-step towards perfection

The interview

Upon arrival our master fitter will greet you and start to identify your goals and objectives. This allows our master fitter to understand you as a golfer, where you currently are and where you’d like to be.


Blueprint of Current Set

Our master fitter will take you through the steps on how we measure your current set of irons’ lofts, lie, real flex, grip size, length, feel weight and swing weight. This gives us the real specifications of your current set, AKA “Blueprint”.

Warm Up

A ten-minute warm up session will follow. This allows you to get used to the environment, the high quality RealFeel mats and a brief discussion on what is expected.

Testing Equipment

Data will be gathered with your current golf clubs. Our master fitter will analyse spin rates, launch angles, clubhead speed, efficiency, dispersion, bend profile needed, etc.

Conclusion / Recommendation

A perfect set make up on paper will be given from the analysis our master fitter has done. This will be compared to the current set make up you are playing as a golfer. Different level of options will be recommended if there are any discrepancies between your current golf set and the setup you should be playing.

Build Process

After receiving your fitting specs, our team of master builders will hand assemble each of your clubs to the tightest tolerances in the industry, without exception.